Master of Karma Solution, a World Renowned Authority: Mr. Kiyoshi Irisawa


He has continued to hold seminars, written books and issued multiple DVDs. He has a deep understanding of the systems of karma and has done a great amount of R&D (research and development). His specialty is transforming and improving energies from negative to positive.

What is karma?

Everyone has lived many lives. In those past lives bad deeds have been done, which create negative energy. The negative energy is carried into our lives today and perhaps into the future. This is karma, our heritage.

Methods to create positive karma

Mr. Irisawa has the deep knowledge of how to transform the negative into the positive.

hatred → love
anxiety → peacefulness
omplaints → praise
indifference  → caring
apathy → passion
desperation → hopefulness
slothfulness → activeness
boredom → enthusiasm

Originally one’s karma may have been dark and negative. By converting one’s karma into positive energy, one will be reborn and lead a fulfilling life. Mr. Irisawa is a true believer and practitioner of the life altering karma solution.

What is karma solution?

There is much pain, illness and mental stress in one’s life. Most of them can be attributed to karma. Due to karma, there are also inevitable and unexplainable incidents and events. Karma solution is the process of converting the negative into the positive with the result of a life full of positive energy and success.

Generally illnesses are mostly treated with western medicine and practices including surgery. In contrast Mr. Irisawa’s treatment uses a different approach, he operates in an alternative dimension. Wherever you are, you can have treatment from him through telephone. You can obtain incredible results. This is a revolutionary way of improving your life.

Examples of Healing through Karma Solution


intervertebral disk herniation lower backache strained back stiff shoulders sprain cracks in bones whiplash temporomandibular joint arthrosis meniscus injuries broken-bones


headache migraine heart disease leukemia asthma Parkinson’s disease diabetics hypertension hepatitis B thrombocytopenic purpura cystitis (bladder inflammation) pyelitis haemorrhoids gastritis enteritis arrhythmia intracerebral hemorrhage

Improving Physical Constitution

pollen allergy atopy menstrual pain stoop bowlegs
the offensive smell of the armpit allergic inflammation of the mucous membrane

Mental Diseases

melancholy manic depression panic disorder syndrome phobia of things pointy bulimia anorexia nervosa (refusal of food) OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) insomnia paranoia

Talent Development

improvement of eyesight, sense of pitch, sense of rhythm academic improvement language skills driving ability

Pregnancy and Child Rearing

breech birth night crying child-rearing neurosis

Dogs and Cats, Other Pets

general illnesses (atopy epilepsy bladder inflammation etc. )

Corporate Business / Real Estate

Exorcism and purification of properties and sites Auspicious dates and times for business start-ups

Personnel management strategies
Infusing companies with positive energy (creating a positive energy cycle)


Transformation of the guardian spirit, from the poor to the rich Releasing distress over a departed soul
Life-path selection (which direction to go) Human relationships


Marriage, other forms of intimacy and relations Naming of children

*Remote therapies and karmic healings by phone are available within Japan as well as from abroad.

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